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Hi, Im Marlon M. Palomado. Just a ordinary and simple. I admit I’m good looking gay I mean guy. Ooops…no comment! You must believe or…hahaha’. My friends used to call me Marlon. Youngest child of Mr. Reynaldo G. Palomado and Mrs. Melencia M. Palomado. We’re just two children of my parents, my older brother name was Mario. I can say I’m a real person, not afraid for showing who am I. I come from not so poor but still not that rich family. My friends define me as a hardworking, obedient and kind. I don’t know if they just make me smile but I do admit I’m hardworking. Actually after I graduate my primary and secondary education I took a Management Course on a local college here in Laguna but unfortunately I stop because of financial problem. By that time I start to find work for me to help my family and able to pursue my dreams. I have lots of working experience now: company or past food. Until Yazaki Torres Management Inc. Plant in Makiling Calamba City hired me as a Office Staff in Wiring Harness Office help me to support my family and even my self. Right now I’m a graduating student in International Electronics and Technical Institute-Calamba Campus. I know it’s not the end yet a new beginning again.